Thursday, February 26, 2015

February 26, 2015

Busy Busy couple of days! I got my baptismal certificate all turned in and now I'm officially all set for my confirmation! Woohooo!

Wednesday I got a lead on a job. I'm going down to Costa Farms Monday morning to apply there. I'll have to leave early or call off work for my appt with Dr Denham and definitely call off for my call-in court hearing. I'm not sure how that's going to play out.....but I'll figure it out. 

I spent most of my day cooking. I was originally planning on going with T to work to do some painting on his jobsite. Yesterday, I made Parm crusted Tilapia for dinner. I bought extra fish so I could make lunches to take with me to work. FISH TACOS anyone? So today, I actually put together my fish tacos and put them in the fridge. I also made Chicken Tortilla Soup for dinner, and the leftovers will also be my lunches. 

Because I know I'll be far away from my vehicle working out at Costa, my plan is to get the Atkins bars I like and keep them in a fanny pack on my waist. That in and of itself, is Na NSV because of the first time in, I don't know how long, I can wear one comfortably! How freeing it is to have that at my disposal! I have an option I've never had before! Anyhoo - all I have to do now is figure out after-school. I'm tempted to have Helen stay at Avocado after school until the bus for south-dade comes. I'm not sure I can do that though. I was supposed to ask about that today when I picked her up. I guess I'll do it when I drop her at school tomorrow. I won't get a paycheck for the next two days work - but I got to spend some money already. 

It's some crazy logistics but it will be worth it. I'm going bat-shit-crazy with boredom just sitting home on my ass. I've lost a lot of weight, I've gotten my health issues more or less under control and now I can't stand sitting on my ass anymore. I realize just how negatively this thyroid stuff impacted me. Now I can finally see it.  My mother always said, when I started having thyroid problems there was this HUGE dramatic drop in my energy level.  I never understood what she meant by that. She'd try and explain it that it was like I hit a wall and I didn't get it. Now I finally understand what she meant!! Holy cow! The difference between now and even 20 years ago is just so dramatic! Not nearly as moody, a bazillion times more energetic and I feel less manic and more ADHD - now I have the physical energy to match the mental energy. Unlike most people, if I felt manic - I didn't have the crazy "I'm Wonder Woman" kinda theme to my thoughts. Just thinking a million miles an hour. Oddly enough, my body catching up to my brain makes it feel like my brain has slowed down. It hasn't - my body is just able to keep up and moves on to the next thing. 

I will admit, I have lots of anxieties about going back to work. It's been more than 10 years since I've had a traditional job. I keep telling myself that I'm worrying about nothing. I was able to work a regular job back when I getting out of bed and getting out the door was a feat in and of itself and only happened through sheer force of will.  Oddly enough - me going back to work means less housework. LOL No one here to mess up the house except the dogs. They're easy - just sweep the floors every night,  keeping on top of the dishes in the morning and in the evening and I'm good to go! I'll have to do a lot of advance cooking on the weekends so I'm all set for week days but it is comforting that I have a strategy at my disposal to keep up with my proper eating every day! I know what to do and I CAN do it!  T said I can get a fitbit so I can track my calories burned so I know when and if I need to start increasing my food intake.  

I have been doing a lot of self-talk lately. Reminding myself to stop putting off moving forward over silly details. Reminding myself that I'm a smart gal who can think on her feet well enough that I can handle anything that comes up. I need to stay in the now and have confidence in myself that I can figure out anything that comes up. Stop holding myself back over these silly anxieties! Close my eyes and just GO! 

Girl Scouts is going GREAT! I worked on the image for the girls' T-shirts today. I took one of the Traditional Trefoil cookie wearing a GS sash image off the website and set it in the middle and put the Troop # over the top and the council logo under the cookie - and finally a "Camp Name". We'll have the girls pick out camp names at the next meeting - at the following meeting -the girls will get their shirts, logo and all. I'm so excited about this project. I know, I'm excited about a lot of things. 

On that note, it's late and I need to be up early tomorrow so I can get my carcass in gear on time! No BS excuses in the morning! 

Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015

Holy Cow!! 

The weekend was just plain NICE! I got my house clean. Sunday I missed Confirmation Class but gosh I really needed the rest. T was feverish and his throat was so swollen, he was having troubles swallowing, again - and I made him take antibiotics for it.  He has them, and keeps forgetting to take them. The rest of Sunday afternoon was nice too. We headed down to the Bank United Center to watch UM women's basketball game and then for Helen to participate in a basketball clinic after. I assumed that the clinic was being put on University Staff and trainers. No! It was put on by the players! Starters even!! Helen, being the adorable child she is Declared her Intent to play basketball at the U. I almost fell over laughing because she told the couch, 

"I'm not going to be on TV but I am going to come here to play basketball."

She was quite serious. Clearly she was paying closer attention to ESPN's coverage of National Signing Day than I was. LMAO I walked away with the coach's business card. lol It was a great time! We definitely need to attend more of those games!

Today did not get off to such a nice start. I had a sort of appointment to have blood drawn. It's not a real appointment because the clinic I go for my primary care, they have everyone who will need blood for the week show up at 8 am and ONE poor girl takes everyone samples. I needed to not take my meds, which left me lethargic in the extreme (my cytomel is really what wakes me up in the morning - not the coffee), no coffee, no anything but water. So after an hour of waiting, I was super...cranky, yah, cranky is the word I'd use. Not really, but the word I'd use is just not nice.  

I called my insurance, they referred me to their independent lab company, and I took my lab order from my Endocrinologist to the lab place and told the clinic forget it, I'm not waiting anymore - Dr J will just have to get over it. There were just as many people ahead of me at the lab as were in ahead of me when I arrived at 8 am at the clinic. I was in the car and driving away 30 minutes later! BAM!!

Kudos to me for not letting my frustration get the best of me and finding a way to get it done instead of sitting there being overtly frustrated and freezing. The rest of my day went so much better! I came home, ate and cleaned house. I re-did the floors and then got dressed to get to work in the nursery. I went to pick up Helen from school and drop her off at after-school and got to work! I was pleased to see T and Sal didn't just shove plants willy-nilly when they moved stuff under the irrigation for our "freeze". I got quite of a bit done and then R texted me saying she got the tie-dye kit in and we went to Michael's to get T-shirts for the girls. We've decided the girls are going to make a new troop t-shirts! They can make new troop T-shirts every year! I gave her the rest of our cookies for the Homestead Police Dept's cookie gift basket. She asked me "Are you really not going to the meeting then?" I was like yah, I don't need that drama and I honestly don't. 

I went to try and get back to work in the nursery but that wasn't going to happen. It started raining. Figures! I was annoyed all afternoon that I couldn't get through to T. While he doesn't take my calls no matter what - he also doesn't stay out of touch all day like that. If I call , and he doesn't catch the call or can't - he calls back. Turns out his phone never charged and I have the car charger (we need to fix that) so his phone just died. 

T came home and brought the mail and he brought me a surprise! My baptismal certificate!! Woohoo!! I was not clear that I was going to get it, I hadn't heard back from the church to find out if they'd even found it - but apparently, they did! Even better, noted on the back is my First Communion! How awesome is that?!?! I'm so tickled! I've been trying to lay hands on this since 2009! Of course, I spent most of that time looking in the wrong place, but I finally found it! As the saying going, it's always in the last place you look! lol Came in just in time for my actual confirmation! Weeee!! 

That means everything is set to go now! Yay! Rough start to today but the perfect ending!!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

February 21, 2015

It's been a busy busy week. I have been feeling worn down and knew I was coming down with something. 

The transition in our troop has not been going smooth. It's been very dramatic and tense. So I'm exiting the situation for the betterment of all. There's no reason to expose the girls to this if it can be easily avoided by me not being present. I may be in the right here but it's not about ME! 

No worries though, went to the leader's meeting,  I was able to get our check for the Thinking Day event back, have mine and Helen's names removed from the roster and we paid for the event in cash. I got one of my girls signed up for Baynanza, I'm totally bummed me and Helen couldn't afford to go to that was the ONE service unit event I really really wanted to do - but it was just too darned expensive. That was $40 a person and for two of us - it was just too much. Oh well, maybe next year! Either way, we got our cookie paperwork submitted, I've hopefully sorted out the issue with Helen's online cookie order patch. Regardless, if it's not fixed now, it will be. All the paperwork is in order and we're good to go and move on! 

Anyway, our next meeting we're going to have the girls make tie-dye t-shirts and put a custom iron on design for them to wear at their Cookie Season 2015 "Pool Party" celebration.  We were trying to get the girls in at the Homestead Police Dept's 5k glow run but that's now out - the girls are going to the station itself to deliver their cookies and donation. This will allow them to make a bigger deal of the girls, their donation and let them do fun things like tour the station and such. However, Girl Scouts does have the chance to have a table to recruit. I think Council should still do that at least! I know the girls who are NOT going would love to do it. 

I did finally come down sick on Friday. The whole day was a mess. I was sick, Tom was sick and neither of us were in a state to take Helen to school. We were able to take her to after school though. But Tom and I got in a HUGE argument. I pretty much have had enough of his non-communication recently. I know all he does is go to work and come home but he pretty much has not been talking to me at all. Not even to say "yah, I'm exhausted". I'm already feeling super insecure and that this complete shut down is going on now that I'm 10 sizes smaller has had a devastating effect on me. We've clearly got some work to do, I fully acknowledge that some of our issues are just me being insecure - but I'm also asking for specific things from him to help me work through that. Some of it is validation and reassurance and some of our issues are just regular marriage stuff. What happens when you're both working on "career" and pursuing your goals, raising a family and all that good stuff. 

I took out all my stress on house cleaning today. It did a lot for stress relief, it's been a long time since I've got batshit with the cleaning to ease stress and anxiety. No, I didn't go too far. I put my house in order, exerted some control over something and created order where I feel there has been chaos lately. I also whipped out a Food Network recipe and now my husband is home and I'm going to go eat it and enjoy his company while we sit and eat as a family. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015


I forgot today is Presidents Day. I have no idea how I forgot that with my child bouncing in the backseat of the car but I forgot. That means no deposit into the troop bank account. No deposit into my personal bank account. DUH! It's a bank holiday! Ok, banking and shopping holiday! 

That means I have a whole day to focus on my own things. I stopped by Lowe's to pick up an inexpensive but nice looking pot to put our donated plant into. I need to call the lady and make arrangements to drop it off. I've got my laundry going and I'm kind of tickled that my house is not a mess and I can get it clean in short order.

Life is so good! Now, time for a snack! 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Feburary 15, 2015

What a fabulous weekend I had!!

My Valentine's day got off to an interesting start. First thing in the AM, T's brother comes by so he and T can settle up what is owed for the work T had been doing. T's brother gets on him and starts in on that you should be in this and that position - knowing NOTHING about our financial status but yet dictating things to us. Ignoring the fact that him not paying in a timely way has consistently put us in the red over and over.  So in the end, T will no longer be working as a consultant through the nursery. 


I know, right? I know it's not the usual reaction to getting fired but that dynamic with his brother was out of control. T took on a project which was delayed by 2 months because anytime he was here working on it - his brother took that to mean he was available to work. So rather than inform him otherwise, T would just go to work at Redland. Meantime, he's not getting paid on the agreed upon schedule. So, it's not really JUST his brother's fault - but also T's for allowing this bullshit to continue and allowing it to get worse. His brother is an arrogant demanding person who always pushes for MORE. It's not even that his brother is trying to screw him over either - that arrogance means that he also won't accept help or reminders and gets ugly if you even try to be helpful. He knows this. It's been a problem for decades. Not that this will last. Something will come up, it always does. It's not the first time he's been fired in this way. This time though, there has to be a different approach to when he goes back to work at Redland.  It can't go back to the previous arrangement. He has to be either an employee or not. I've advised him to take that route - he can even spin it so it's not his brother's fault it has to be that way - whatever it takes to keep the peace and for life to go on. Less drama, more life.

After all that excitement, I loaded up and we did another cookie booth. That went okay. Then I did some shopping. I found a nice ring but I didn't want to wait in line for an hour to buy it. I defaulted to shoes. Woohooo! They make me taller than 6'4 and I'm only 5'8 in my bare feets. I bought something nice to go with the shoes and we picked up a candy and balloon bouquet for T Then we came home and worked on some Valentine crafts. We made our candy - we had a blast!! 

I sent Helen to Grandma's and got all purtied up and T and I enjoyed a nice romantic candle lite dinner at home. I have to say, I see lots of date nights at home in my immediate future! No annoying ppl at the next table with out of control kids, no annoying person talking loudly on their cell annoying anything! We watched a movie, who knew Divergent had so many romance scenes in it? Not I. lol 

Today I got up on time for church and confirmation class. I enjoyed mass and class. I'm a month or so away from finally being confirmed! Woohooo! I came home and ate and got ready for cookie booths!! It's the LAST DAY for cookie booths! The first booth slot was slow and we had more than 3 cases left, so I called T to play relief for me, I came home, changed clothes and booked the slot after the one we were working (2-4) and went back. That went GREAT!! I had T look at the system 15 minutes for the second booth slot was done and ohhh look! the 4-6 slot is open. So we booked that too. Figures that 15 minutes into our 3rd slot, after working for 4 hours, someone came along and cleaned out the whole booth! One person buys a bunch and then ppl start crowding around and then we were just about cleaned out. We had exactly 6 unsold boxes when I decided to pack it up an hour and a half early.  Yah, I bought the last six boxes to give away to friends.

Paperwork is just about done. all that is left to do is print it all out and input some final details - like which rewards some of the girls want. I think one of them wants cookie bucks instead of the prizes. I have no idea how many cookie bucks she would have earned and I just now figured out how to calculate how much each girl has earned. LOL I do have to print out each girls' sales figures - if for no other reason I have a list of how much each girl sold and have a reward list so I can pick their rewards! 

There's no school for the next two days and I have no idea what I'm going to do with Helen. I'm thinking a trip to the park is in order. I don't want to just sit here at home all day. Maybe Grandma can watch her while I hit the gym and workout a new routine with Mr B. We'll see. 

Lots of good things going on and I can't wait to wade right into them!! 

Friday, February 13, 2015

February 13, 2015

I skipped my workout today but oh what a wonderful day I had. I cleaned my house. It's not completely decluttered but it's at least neat and tidy! The floors are clean, the bathroom is clean and my laundry is all put away and hubby's clothes are up on his clothes rod in the closet I can't reach! 

It just felt good to put my house in order and be able to finish it! In one afternoon! I tried to work on a crochet stitch but it's going to take multiple attempts to learn this new stitch. I am using a YouTube tutorial but it's difficult to learn in reverse. I'm left handed and I crochet left handed, so I have to everything backwards. I know if I stick with this I can figure it out!! It's the basket weave stitch I've been trying to learn for ages now! At least I've found a few videos to help me figure it out. 

Busy busy weekend planned. It's the last weekend of cookie booths and tomorrow we'll do our cookie booth, come home and then jump right into making Valentines and our little projects for the surprise for T. T and I have a romantic evening in planned. 

I still have confirmation class on Sunday morning and then we have our last and final cookie booth at noon. Then I have to run to a store to get a birthday present and then Helen is going to a birthday party. She hasn't been invited to a birthday party since pre-school so she's very excited to have been invited and that I'm letting her go. 

That gel I got from the doctor's office rocks!! I went for a run yesterday and afterwards put some on, slapped on the tens unit and wrapped up my knee in ice - ohhhhh it felt sooo good afterwards! It really has made a difference in keeping the inflammation under control. Works better than even Motrin does! 

I'm hoping to not be so sleep deprived come Monday morning that I can put my head together with Mr B and re-design my workout. I want to shake up my workout in a major way. I really am bored with it and he's already suggested that it might be time to do that. 

Here's to an amazing, fun filled holiday weekend! Woohooo!! 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

February 12, 2015

The hunt continues! I heard back from the military archdioceses finally. They have NO record of my baptism. What does that mean? That means my parents went to a church off base for our baptism - because they don't have a record of my brother's either and we were done together. Recording First communion is optional and apparently the parish priest at that time opted to not record any of the first communions. Which stinks! Time to call around to try and track it down! It's only two or three churches in the area so it shouldn't be too tough. Fingers crossed that I can get it done. 

R went by the Homestead Police dept yesterday to arrange for them to come out to our meeting to accept their gift basket and check for their charity (Victims of Violence) and the community officer who was one of the ones who attended our big Safety and First Aid event, suggested that they would love to make time during the presentation portion of their 5k race for the girls to come up on stage and present their gift basket and check. The Mayor will be there, and of course, the town newspaper. It would be GREAT PR for our service unit and Girl Scouts in general. We'd set up a recruitment booth but the issue seems to be that most of our troop is doing Thinking Day out in Coral Gables. There's some obvious conflicts but we'll try and work that out. In the meantime, at our meeting the girls had to wait for Metro-Dade Police who didn't arrive until almost 6:30. That went well, by the way. The girls had fun working on their project while they waited and great that we had multiple activities for them to work on while they waited. I'll collect the rest of my parents $ this Saturday at our booth and we should completely sell out by Sunday. All in all, they did pretty good for themselves! 

I'm hitting the gym's ab and legs day and I decided for Lent, instead of giving up something I'm pledging to DO something positive. Be disciplined with my eating and workout schedule. I do a lot for my community just in my work through Girl Scouts and I joined the Women's club so I'm giving back even more and right now, I need to finish this weight loss thing. I'm down to the end and strict discipline is what will get this done! I've been fortunate enough have had that second chance to get myself in order and now it's time to finish that and move on. 

I'm looking forward to Saturday. I bought some stuff from Michael's and Helen and I will be making Valentines for everyone and then she'd going to be cooking our special dinner and going to Grandma's for the night. I'll be surprising T with a cute little nighty and sexy shoes when he gets home and we're just having a romantic night in. There's plenty of movies for us to watch on the DVR and there's no need to go out anywhere. The truth is we just need the alone time, the where doesn't matter. 

Life is good. Life is joyous. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 10, 2015

Woohooo!! I'm cleared to go back to work!! The doc said I'm good to go, my only restriction is constant deep knee bending and a weight limit on lifting. She gave me a script for a gel to help with the inflammation and I've already filled the script and rubbed in the gel - Holy cow! The stuff works so fast!! Now I'm really good to go!!

Busy day today, like every Tuesday! Going to Girl Scouts early so me and the other leader can get the bows ready for the basket. The police will be stopping by our meeting to accept their gift basket. Woohooo!! My parents should all pay off their "cookie bills" and tomorrow I will be making our final deposit to council and the rest of the money we make off cookies will all go into the troop account! Yay!! 

All in all, I've learned a few things to make cookies easier going forward. Some people like to input girls' sales into the system at the end, I find it easier to do it as I go! I think next year, that's how I'll do it! I'm still not sure how me going back to work will affect the Girl Scout thing and I'll be talking to R about that tonight. Now that it's official, I'm going back to work. I also need to call MA DOR - find out what I need to send them and exactly to whom am I sending it. I also need to know what the process will be if and when I get laid off for the summer. 

I guess I'm still in a place of transition but I'm further in my transition than I was! More progress towards my goals! 

Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015

Who knew a lazy Sunday could turn into a not very lazy day at all?? Quite busy and industrious actually! 

I was late for mass yesterday morning. I got in just in time to grab a missal and read the day's readings before I had to leave for Confirmation class. The idea being we tie the day's readings to the lesson. It was so cold that I actually put on my pajama pants because I was FREEZING. We're now meeting in the new loft space. Oh what a difference it makes when you're sitting for an hour and a half in adult sized chairs! lol We had been meeting in the Kindergarten classroom of the school. This is so much better! Father Jim joined us and it was NICE! He gives a different perspective about some things since he often is the one administering the sacraments. Not that he revealed anything anyone specifically said - but talking in general terms, it was quite enlightening.  

My father cannot actually be my sponsor, but my godmother can be. I asked Katie to stand in for her as proxy. I'm positive Aunty is NOT willing to come down for that. I mean, I'll ask her to be my sponsor, and no, she doesn't have to be here in person. lol she'll do it - as long as  she doesn't have to be here in person. Now, I just have to chase down my baptismal certificate. I'll be working on that this week in between working on cookie paperwork. 

Yes, cookies are almost done. I went ahead and signed us up for prime booth slots next weekend so we can dump the rest of our cookies and pulled all the Gift of Caring cookies so the girls can put together their baskets. R and I are meeting early for Tuesday's meeting so we can do the bows and whatnot. We have no idea what time the police will be there - but we need to be ready just in case they show up on time! I've just about finished my cookie paperwork - I will be collecting the rest of the funds all the moms' owe and will be contacting each parent tonight to let them know what their final balance is. Mine got all screwed up - I knew something wasn't right - I knew I owed more than it said. Now I know what is what - I've got the $$ set aside so I can pay up the correct amount and be straight with that. Once I collect the rest of the money from the moms' anything else the girls make - they get to keep. We will have paid off our entire bill from council for all the cookies we've taken. 

I got in touch with the water park down in Key Largo and got the low- down on that. Now all we have to do is pick a day to go! Woohooo!! 

Now I just have to track down my baptismal certificate and first communion certificate. I also just realized that Lent is right around the corner. I need to think about what I'm doing for this year. It's the first year in a long long time I've done something for Lent. I think it's not just going to be quitting something. I've quit lots of things, I think this year I'm just going to add good healthy habits! I know, I've also added lots of those but there are some others I can add that I should do but haven't been as good about them as I should have been. The fasting thing is still out though - but I could do something else instead. Maybe go vegan instead of fasting. The whole idea is that you're doing something extraordinary with your diet. Goodness knows, going straight vegan, no animal product vegan is challenging! To me, it's much more challenging than fasting. Fasting is too easy for me and not safe. 

I think I'm going to skip the gym and just go for a run. Probably go run at South Dade park again. It's way more convenient to run there. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

February 7, 2014

It's that time of the week again! The weekend!

The rest of my week turned out to be ridiculously exciting! Thursday I took Helen to Walmart to buy some underwear, because all my underwear are falling apart and falling down! On a whim I decided to go ahead and try on a pair of size 14 pants. Yup, they FIT and I'm halfway into a pair of size 12s. Holy cow!! I'm officially out of the plus sizes now. I had no troubles finding clothes in my size in the regular size dept. Another 10 lbs and I'm for sure in size 12 and I'm realizing that perhaps size 10 might not be as impossible as I once thought. 

Which makes me pause and say....omg could I actually one day fit into single digit clothes? It might be. I might need a tummy tuck to make that happen -but it's a possibility I should NOT rule out! I bought a workout outfit to as planned and yesterday hit the gym wearing it and actually worked out. After the realization that I need to stop being so timid - I went ahead and started Week 2 of couch25k. I figured, even if I can't do the whole minute and a half, I can at least work my way up to it. 

Didn't quite work out the way I thought it would, I was able to do the minute and half intervals. It's tough at first because the knee was NOT warmed up! A few running intervals and it was good to go! So this has been a monumental week for me. 

As a result, I'm letting loose on the house. I'm putting it in my order. Not just order, MY order. Let some of my stress loose. It has been this underlying stress these last months. It was different when I couldn't but now I can and it has to be done and it stresses me out that I haven't done it. So I'm off now to do that!! Just the process will help me let go of all the things past. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February 4, 2015

What a difference a day and change in circumstances beyond my control make! 

I got up at an unholy hour and got the kids up and off to school and made it back home in time for me to get my own kid off to school on time! The meeting went well. It was just an initial meeting, officially, her teacher "nominated" her to get the early testing for the gifted program. They have 70 days from today to test her, I'm sure it's going to happen closer to that 70th day than any time soon. Once they get those results and decide she is, in fact, gifted, then she changes classes to a gifted class. We aren't obligated to do that right away, we can wait until next year or whenever we want. We can pull hr in and out of the gifted program as often as we choose. They made us sign paperwork declaring that we were not denied the right to bring anyone we chose to the meeting. I knew that was from them being sued over that. 

My friend's baby girl was released from the hospital this afternoon to finish her recovery at home. After the meeting, I ran by the house to drop off a replacement box of cookies and leave the house key for my friend to get back in her house. Then it was off to meet R to try and talk about get on the same page with where we wanna go with the troop. We are going to involve our Moms more heavily than they are. We have one in mind to be treasurer and serve as that fiscal accountability role. We decided we're going to bring all receipts for all troop money for her to initial and keep with the rest of our accounting. We want another parent to take charge of outside events. Be the one to organize getting permission slips, collect the money from the other moms and just coordinate that for the troop. Thankfully, council and the service unit put out their event calendars at the beginning of the program year and we'll have our own events to add to that and it's a lot when we're also running the actual meeting. R brought her oldest along and she's re-joining us as an adult volunteer. She rocked that badge work stuff when she was an Ambassador, and we're going to take full advantage of that fact and put her on the case. She really needs to be a leader but hey, we'll start with Adult volunteer and when we grow this troop so it needs a third leader, then we can make M upgrade her. LOL She's really good at this stuff even on a larger level - like service unit level and I know more than a few of our events will end up being service unit events. Works for me. It's good for the Service Unit and it's good for us. I'm so excited! Her daughter is mouthy and that might put some people off, but I like her. We did some shopping as the girls are presenting their cookies to the county police dept next week. We decided to make our Gift of Caring service project the Police Dept because first, the town police dept put on this amazing show and second, all the news about so many police depts having trouble with "bad" cops - we wanted to show our appreciation for our own depts that GET IT RIGHT! Let them know we noticed and are front and center to say "Thanks!" 

I'm up late doing catching up on cookie paperwork and tomorrow I'll be catching up on more household stuff. I want so bad to go back to work but I need to put this house in back the way it belongs! I won't be able to manage Girl Scouts AND working if I'm not back to my regular household schedule and tidy organization. My house isn't trashed - just disorganized and in such a small space, it's difficult. I will finish all the cookie paperwork that I can do at this point. I've done a decent job of staying on top of everything as I went along, so it's not that tough. I've been keeping spread sheets for each girl so the girls can do a "Self assessment" exercise. It's a little extra work but it will be worth it. 

For now, I am focused on getting back on track with the eating, I did some grocery shopping today so that will go a long way towards making that happen! I will get back into the swing of the working out thing soon. I don't know when, but soon. I need to get that control back before I add anything else. Following that "change one thing" principle. I changed the GS situation, I'm changing the household clutter situation and there's time enough for the rest of it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 3, 2015

The burden has been lifted and in a week, I have my Ortho appointment and I'll finally know if I'm medically cleared to go back to work or not. I have concerns that to get a decent job I won't get the kind of hours I want (early in the day) but worrying about it now won't do me any good now - in fact, it's going to make things worse for me.

I've been struggling the last few days eating on time. My sleep schedule is still off and that exacerbates my food issues which is further fed by the stress levels from this drama that I don't want to get into in such a public forum. I don't cope well with drama, and we'll leave it at that.

What else do I need to do to get myself on track again? Not much, let me tell ya.   

Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015

What a day! My team won the Superbowl last night in a thrilling game and so I definitely woke up this morning in a great mood! 

I thought I had an appointment at my daughter's school today but it turns out it was Wednesday. Not that I'm being down on myself for getting the date wrong, but it's a sign for me. That I need to pay more attention to the details. This is a consistent pattern in my life, when I get going, I lose track of details and that lack of attention to details can spiral out of control. This is my clue to not take on too much more than I am now. Just a sign that I need to refocus myself. 

I'm defaulting back to my key strategies when I feel chaotic. Cleaning house and working on my time management. I'm doing laundry today and my goal for the day is to scrub down my bathroom. One of the worst things about being injured and recovering from having my thyroid removed was not being able to keep my house in a certain way. It's time to get back to that. I want to go back to work full-time, so that means I need to keep my house clean the way I like it done. I am literally and figuratively putting my house in order. I find a lot of comfort in it. 

I seem to say that a lot though, I'm getting myself organized. I sometimes wonder if that an excuse for avoiding something I'm in denial about - or just trying to keep myself moving forward at full bore. Time will tell which one it is.