Thursday, January 1, 2015

Jan 1, 2015

I've deleted the past posts that were here and made this entire blog private. If you can view this blog - that means you've been invited to view it! I won't stop blogging and I won't engage in the crazy. 

Today is New Year's Day!! I'm currently in Jamaica with my husband, little one and my husband's immediate family! Our plans for the day involve hiking up the Dunn's River Falls! I've packed plenty of bars to take with me so I will hopefully remember to eat in between the day's activities and I'll report back on how I did during the cruise on remembering to eat.  This is an all day activity since the falls are not near where our ship is docked in Montego Bay. This will be my final excursion of this trip.

No, I did not pay to log onto the internet during our trip out of the country. I just wrote these first few posts before I left and set them to post automatically. So the first five days will involve me just reporting on what and where I expect to be on that day. I won't actually post a "live" post until Jan 6. 

To keep this from being silly, while I'm away I'm going to post my goals for this year and one long term goal.

Short term: Complete a 5k run. I have not yet decided what run I'm going to do - I still cannot run for more than 1 minute continuously - but I expect that by the end of the year to see my knee back to full strength and able to run a complete 5k!! 

Long Term: Qualify for the Boston marathon for my age group by 2020! I think 5 years is more than enough time for me to meet those qualifications! Since just qualifying doesn't guarantee entrance - I've made the goal to just qualify for now. Let's see where I'm at when I reach that point I'm able to run a full marathon before I set that time limit on when I want to achieve completing the race. For now, this is a good start to what I know is an evolving goal. 

That's all for today - I'm saving the rest of the goals for the other days I'm away.

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