Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 31, 2015

You ever have one of those days - you're super busy but you're pleased as punch with everything you're doing? Yah, that's my day today. Got up, on time even, got ready to head out to do cookie booths. Couldn't get the Superbowl balloons for our booth and the guy was late getting our recipe cards done. Oh it was worth the wait though because they were AMAZING! We have another cookie booth tomorrow and I have to go pick up the balloons tonight so I have EVERYTHING ready for tomorrow's booth! I'll be running on a tight schedule as I'm going to do part of my confirmation classes and then leave early to do the booths. Better some of it than not at all!! We usually finish at 10:30 - I'll have to leave by 9:45 to head over. T can bring all the cookies and balloons and stuff and I'll just take the Kia and meet him there. I've already got the car loaded with everything BUT the balloons so it should be fine. 

I met T for lunch and we did his estimate for his next reno job. I'm still frustrated because he's up to his eyeballs in word at Redland still and I want him too stop taking on work there because he's not getting paid in a timely way for that work. He at least got a partial payment today. Now if he can just get paid the rest of that invoice, I can relax. Can't wait to not be reliant on him for this stuff. 

It's just been a busy and fabulous day. I can't help but realize just how happy I am when I'm living this full and busy life! It takes me back to that low point in my life when my therapist once told me that unless I'm busy, I'm always going to be miserable. She's right, I am happiest when I've got my hands full!! 

Started the year off with a bang and ending the first month with a bang! 


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