Saturday, January 3, 2015

January 3, 2015

Today is ANOTHER birthday - my Godmother's! She's my favorite Auntie and has had a HUGE impact on me growing up! I wanted to grow up and be just like her. In my way, I have turned out a lot like her. It's no coincidence that the women I grew up admiring are all strong willed women!

Today our ship is in port at Cozumel, Mexico. Again, I'm not planning on going ashore. My husband is planning on exploring some Mayan ruins and good for him. I'm spending another day in the ship's gym and pool side! Hopefully, by now I've gotten the hang of managing to remember to eat!! Since I have no where to be at all any of these days, I'm hoping to get some serious knee rehab in!! 

Short Term Goal for 2015: Family camping trip with my husband and youngest daughter! Not sure we're ready (read that as not sure Helen is old enough) to kayak/canoe into our campsite in Everglades National Park/Thousand Islands. 

Long Term Goal: Make that camping trip an annual event! There are tons of amazing state and national parks in our state and the keys that would be fun to camp at and enjoy what these parks have to offer! Even better if we can do kayaking/hiking/camping adventure trips with multiple sites! As the years go on - even branch outside of the state - there's some GREAT adventures to be had in the good old USA. 

Another day of relaxing and de-stressing under my belt! Still smoke free!! Hopefully, I'm enjoying the face time with my husband too!! Our life is about to get more hectic than it already is - as I make some much needed changes to way I do things. 

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