Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 6, 2015

It's official now, I gained 6 lbs! It felt like it was three times that, I swore I wouldn't be unhappy with the result and I'm genuinely relieved. I know darned good and well I had things like creme broulee and giant cheesecake slices every night and some nights I had it twice so the actual result is way lower than I expected it to be.

I've taken my thyroid meds and am now playing my daily waiting game. Enjoying a cup of coffee and getting my blog on. Trying to figure out what I want for breakfast! I definitely need to do a little grocery shopping today - just to pick up a few things I'm going to need like coffee creamer. LOL 

Lots to do today! I have a Girl Scout meeting tonight and I need to stop by the ATM and get a balance on the account so I can start keeping some kind of accounting of our funds and what we're doing with them. I'll see if there is someone at the bank who can help me log onto the bank's online banking so I can keep the books. Poor Laura need to get that off her shoulders. Starting Saturday I need to also start keeping track of who has what cookies out and who has paid for what cookies. Weeeee!! Everyone else gets so stressed out by cookie season but I really am not. It could be that I am not intimidated by the mountain of details that comes with cookie season. We're gearing up for the booths at the grocery stores and a week from Friday we have a our first booth at Winn Dixie and that's going to be fun because Winn Dixie allows us to have a table at each entrance because it has two.  One of the other stores has two entrances but they've declined to let us put a table at each one. The girls have been doing great with their sales so far and now their sales numbers will really shoot up! They'll get to see what a difference the two tables vs one table makes with booth sales. I've really been making the focus of this cookie sale to learn business skills. Safe online marketing, tracking sales, etc. I'm definitely one happy camper. This job really plays up to my skill set most of which have a limited range of applications. 

I've just about got it together for the day, I've got my to-do list in hand and now it's time to go get it done!! 

Life is a grindstone. Whether it grinds us down or polishes us up depends on us ~Thomas L. Holdcroft

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