Friday, January 9, 2015

January 9, 2015

Yay! Thank God it's FRIDAY! Ok, I say that every day. Thank God it's [Insert Day of the Week]! LOL It's been a crazy busy week!! Not bad, in the least!! I managed to get it together enough to conduct a reasonably organized meeting with my girl scout troop, had a few last minute solutions and technology challenges but it was a GREAT week!! 

Yesterday turned out to be way more crazy than I thought it should be!! I goofed off all morning and then since it was so darned cold, put on pants and a t-shirt and a zip up hoodie and put my workout clothes in a bag...along with my shopping list and went to pick up my little one. I hit the gym and met the new trainer. I really like her a lot!! We did abs first and then I did 10 minutes of cardio and then we did legs and then I did another 40 minutes of cardio on the treadmill. Since today was leg day, I just walked but I put the incline on 10 and just walked as fast as I could stand it on that incline. The idea being to work that ACL without the major impact of running. So the theory goes from my physical therapist. 

After that, I hit up a few grocery stores and then ran to go pick up the little one. I made one more quick stop at a grocery story to buy the family some dinner and then I went off to my Girl Scout leader meeting. Weeee!! More cookies booths! LOL My previously full booth schedule is now looking kinda empty. Part of that is because one of the location. is now allowing TWO tables at each entrance, so I have room for more girls. We have a possible second location doing the same thing - so we will see what we will see. I still have lots of girls who have not yet signed up. I'm super stoked about all of this as it's looking like my girls will EXCEED their goal. 

Today is looking no less busy. I wrote this last night and I'm currently working out at the gym! Today I'm vowing to make this a "Last Chance" workout! Upper and Lower Body strength training and then an hour of cardio/conditioning. I have my coaching call with Christie and then a little time to finish up my laundry before I run off to my Cookie PJ Party. I volunteered to help set up and will stick around if I'm needed to help with the girls. After that, the hubby and I are headed off to hang with some of our friends. Our friend who owns our doggie house guests is one of the people we'll be seeing and I want to give him an update on how the dogs are doing and to make arrangement to get my washing machine from his old house. If all goes well, I'll get that this weekend! Woohoo!! My own washer and dryer again! 

I'm super stoked about my shopping trip today. I have decided that I need to stop with eating so many bars! It's ok to have them sometimes - but I need to eat FOOD, actual food! I can't make every single snack a bar. I've been eating them 2 and 3 times a DAY. It doesn't impact my losses but I need to eat more actual food. After spending a week actually eating food 6 times a day, I decided I need to fit that back in! Make the time for it and do the advance prep to make that goal a realistic possibility! I've talked about these big plans for canning and freezing stuff - well I am ON THAT! Starting NOW! 

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