Thursday, January 8, 2015

January 8, 2015

I had this big long post written and I just deleted it all. I'm in the mood to write about all my recent drama and I just decided this is not the place or the proper format to do that. I'll save that for a "just for me" post. Mostly so I don't have to go back and explain the whole back story - it's sooo long and tedious. Almost 10 years worth of bullshit and gaslighting abuse. Let's talk about something positive! 

I saw my trainer yesterday and I told him "I love you!" he asked why and I said "Because I went on a cruise and I looked amazing!" I did look amazing and I cannot forget that I was wearing a size 14 bathing suit bottoms on New Year's day!! That was one of my goals, to get in a size 14. Granted, it was a big girls size 14, but that still counts! Actually, the goal was to get into a size 14 pants - but the bathing suit bottoms are DARNED close. Size 14 is right there and it's so close I can SMELL it.  Even better, in Grand Caymen I was shopping for a dress and the lady handed me one and I felt comfortable enough to take her word for it that it fit. It looked like it would fit. I tried it on when I got back to my stateroom and it did fit, just a little tighter than I would have liked around the tummy area!! Just a few more pounds and I'm going to be rocking that killer dress. Killer dress I can almost fit, size 14 so close I can smell it. Crazy transformation underway!

I still can't believe it. I'm on the edge of the 170's. I still can't wrap my head around the last year. I've already lost half the weight I gained. I knew some of it was it being TOM and all the alcohol consumption but I'm positive that some of it is a true gain. I'm also sure that I'll lose that true gain this week. I'm back home and doing my darnest to get back in the groove. I'm struggling a little with the exercise part of it. The nutrition, I've got that down. I'm a normal person who gets hungry when I should and eats what I should as a result of being hungry. I need to get back to that place where I'm working super hard with the exercise. I think I might be bored with my workout. My gym got a new girl as a trainer, I'll be working with her tomorrow so maybe that will add a little spice to my workout. If not, I'll demand Brandon step it up! I need to do something to intensify my strength training. 

Time to catch up on some TV and see what I missed on "Biggest Loser".

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