Thursday, February 12, 2015

February 12, 2015

The hunt continues! I heard back from the military archdioceses finally. They have NO record of my baptism. What does that mean? That means my parents went to a church off base for our baptism - because they don't have a record of my brother's either and we were done together. Recording First communion is optional and apparently the parish priest at that time opted to not record any of the first communions. Which stinks! Time to call around to try and track it down! It's only two or three churches in the area so it shouldn't be too tough. Fingers crossed that I can get it done. 

R went by the Homestead Police dept yesterday to arrange for them to come out to our meeting to accept their gift basket and check for their charity (Victims of Violence) and the community officer who was one of the ones who attended our big Safety and First Aid event, suggested that they would love to make time during the presentation portion of their 5k race for the girls to come up on stage and present their gift basket and check. The Mayor will be there, and of course, the town newspaper. It would be GREAT PR for our service unit and Girl Scouts in general. We'd set up a recruitment booth but the issue seems to be that most of our troop is doing Thinking Day out in Coral Gables. There's some obvious conflicts but we'll try and work that out. In the meantime, at our meeting the girls had to wait for Metro-Dade Police who didn't arrive until almost 6:30. That went well, by the way. The girls had fun working on their project while they waited and great that we had multiple activities for them to work on while they waited. I'll collect the rest of my parents $ this Saturday at our booth and we should completely sell out by Sunday. All in all, they did pretty good for themselves! 

I'm hitting the gym's ab and legs day and I decided for Lent, instead of giving up something I'm pledging to DO something positive. Be disciplined with my eating and workout schedule. I do a lot for my community just in my work through Girl Scouts and I joined the Women's club so I'm giving back even more and right now, I need to finish this weight loss thing. I'm down to the end and strict discipline is what will get this done! I've been fortunate enough have had that second chance to get myself in order and now it's time to finish that and move on. 

I'm looking forward to Saturday. I bought some stuff from Michael's and Helen and I will be making Valentines for everyone and then she'd going to be cooking our special dinner and going to Grandma's for the night. I'll be surprising T with a cute little nighty and sexy shoes when he gets home and we're just having a romantic night in. There's plenty of movies for us to watch on the DVR and there's no need to go out anywhere. The truth is we just need the alone time, the where doesn't matter. 

Life is good. Life is joyous. 

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