Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February 4, 2015

What a difference a day and change in circumstances beyond my control make! 

I got up at an unholy hour and got the kids up and off to school and made it back home in time for me to get my own kid off to school on time! The meeting went well. It was just an initial meeting, officially, her teacher "nominated" her to get the early testing for the gifted program. They have 70 days from today to test her, I'm sure it's going to happen closer to that 70th day than any time soon. Once they get those results and decide she is, in fact, gifted, then she changes classes to a gifted class. We aren't obligated to do that right away, we can wait until next year or whenever we want. We can pull hr in and out of the gifted program as often as we choose. They made us sign paperwork declaring that we were not denied the right to bring anyone we chose to the meeting. I knew that was from them being sued over that. 

My friend's baby girl was released from the hospital this afternoon to finish her recovery at home. After the meeting, I ran by the house to drop off a replacement box of cookies and leave the house key for my friend to get back in her house. Then it was off to meet R to try and talk about get on the same page with where we wanna go with the troop. We are going to involve our Moms more heavily than they are. We have one in mind to be treasurer and serve as that fiscal accountability role. We decided we're going to bring all receipts for all troop money for her to initial and keep with the rest of our accounting. We want another parent to take charge of outside events. Be the one to organize getting permission slips, collect the money from the other moms and just coordinate that for the troop. Thankfully, council and the service unit put out their event calendars at the beginning of the program year and we'll have our own events to add to that and it's a lot when we're also running the actual meeting. R brought her oldest along and she's re-joining us as an adult volunteer. She rocked that badge work stuff when she was an Ambassador, and we're going to take full advantage of that fact and put her on the case. She really needs to be a leader but hey, we'll start with Adult volunteer and when we grow this troop so it needs a third leader, then we can make M upgrade her. LOL She's really good at this stuff even on a larger level - like service unit level and I know more than a few of our events will end up being service unit events. Works for me. It's good for the Service Unit and it's good for us. I'm so excited! Her daughter is mouthy and that might put some people off, but I like her. We did some shopping as the girls are presenting their cookies to the county police dept next week. We decided to make our Gift of Caring service project the Police Dept because first, the town police dept put on this amazing show and second, all the news about so many police depts having trouble with "bad" cops - we wanted to show our appreciation for our own depts that GET IT RIGHT! Let them know we noticed and are front and center to say "Thanks!" 

I'm up late doing catching up on cookie paperwork and tomorrow I'll be catching up on more household stuff. I want so bad to go back to work but I need to put this house in back the way it belongs! I won't be able to manage Girl Scouts AND working if I'm not back to my regular household schedule and tidy organization. My house isn't trashed - just disorganized and in such a small space, it's difficult. I will finish all the cookie paperwork that I can do at this point. I've done a decent job of staying on top of everything as I went along, so it's not that tough. I've been keeping spread sheets for each girl so the girls can do a "Self assessment" exercise. It's a little extra work but it will be worth it. 

For now, I am focused on getting back on track with the eating, I did some grocery shopping today so that will go a long way towards making that happen! I will get back into the swing of the working out thing soon. I don't know when, but soon. I need to get that control back before I add anything else. Following that "change one thing" principle. I changed the GS situation, I'm changing the household clutter situation and there's time enough for the rest of it.

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