Friday, February 13, 2015

February 13, 2015

I skipped my workout today but oh what a wonderful day I had. I cleaned my house. It's not completely decluttered but it's at least neat and tidy! The floors are clean, the bathroom is clean and my laundry is all put away and hubby's clothes are up on his clothes rod in the closet I can't reach! 

It just felt good to put my house in order and be able to finish it! In one afternoon! I tried to work on a crochet stitch but it's going to take multiple attempts to learn this new stitch. I am using a YouTube tutorial but it's difficult to learn in reverse. I'm left handed and I crochet left handed, so I have to everything backwards. I know if I stick with this I can figure it out!! It's the basket weave stitch I've been trying to learn for ages now! At least I've found a few videos to help me figure it out. 

Busy busy weekend planned. It's the last weekend of cookie booths and tomorrow we'll do our cookie booth, come home and then jump right into making Valentines and our little projects for the surprise for T. T and I have a romantic evening in planned. 

I still have confirmation class on Sunday morning and then we have our last and final cookie booth at noon. Then I have to run to a store to get a birthday present and then Helen is going to a birthday party. She hasn't been invited to a birthday party since pre-school so she's very excited to have been invited and that I'm letting her go. 

That gel I got from the doctor's office rocks!! I went for a run yesterday and afterwards put some on, slapped on the tens unit and wrapped up my knee in ice - ohhhhh it felt sooo good afterwards! It really has made a difference in keeping the inflammation under control. Works better than even Motrin does! 

I'm hoping to not be so sleep deprived come Monday morning that I can put my head together with Mr B and re-design my workout. I want to shake up my workout in a major way. I really am bored with it and he's already suggested that it might be time to do that. 

Here's to an amazing, fun filled holiday weekend! Woohooo!! 

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