Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 10, 2015

Woohooo!! I'm cleared to go back to work!! The doc said I'm good to go, my only restriction is constant deep knee bending and a weight limit on lifting. She gave me a script for a gel to help with the inflammation and I've already filled the script and rubbed in the gel - Holy cow! The stuff works so fast!! Now I'm really good to go!!

Busy day today, like every Tuesday! Going to Girl Scouts early so me and the other leader can get the bows ready for the basket. The police will be stopping by our meeting to accept their gift basket. Woohooo!! My parents should all pay off their "cookie bills" and tomorrow I will be making our final deposit to council and the rest of the money we make off cookies will all go into the troop account! Yay!! 

All in all, I've learned a few things to make cookies easier going forward. Some people like to input girls' sales into the system at the end, I find it easier to do it as I go! I think next year, that's how I'll do it! I'm still not sure how me going back to work will affect the Girl Scout thing and I'll be talking to R about that tonight. Now that it's official, I'm going back to work. I also need to call MA DOR - find out what I need to send them and exactly to whom am I sending it. I also need to know what the process will be if and when I get laid off for the summer. 

I guess I'm still in a place of transition but I'm further in my transition than I was! More progress towards my goals! 

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