Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015

Holy Cow!! 

The weekend was just plain NICE! I got my house clean. Sunday I missed Confirmation Class but gosh I really needed the rest. T was feverish and his throat was so swollen, he was having troubles swallowing, again - and I made him take antibiotics for it.  He has them, and keeps forgetting to take them. The rest of Sunday afternoon was nice too. We headed down to the Bank United Center to watch UM women's basketball game and then for Helen to participate in a basketball clinic after. I assumed that the clinic was being put on University Staff and trainers. No! It was put on by the players! Starters even!! Helen, being the adorable child she is Declared her Intent to play basketball at the U. I almost fell over laughing because she told the couch, 

"I'm not going to be on TV but I am going to come here to play basketball."

She was quite serious. Clearly she was paying closer attention to ESPN's coverage of National Signing Day than I was. LMAO I walked away with the coach's business card. lol It was a great time! We definitely need to attend more of those games!

Today did not get off to such a nice start. I had a sort of appointment to have blood drawn. It's not a real appointment because the clinic I go for my primary care, they have everyone who will need blood for the week show up at 8 am and ONE poor girl takes everyone samples. I needed to not take my meds, which left me lethargic in the extreme (my cytomel is really what wakes me up in the morning - not the coffee), no coffee, no anything but water. So after an hour of waiting, I was super...cranky, yah, cranky is the word I'd use. Not really, but the word I'd use is just not nice.  

I called my insurance, they referred me to their independent lab company, and I took my lab order from my Endocrinologist to the lab place and told the clinic forget it, I'm not waiting anymore - Dr J will just have to get over it. There were just as many people ahead of me at the lab as were in ahead of me when I arrived at 8 am at the clinic. I was in the car and driving away 30 minutes later! BAM!!

Kudos to me for not letting my frustration get the best of me and finding a way to get it done instead of sitting there being overtly frustrated and freezing. The rest of my day went so much better! I came home, ate and cleaned house. I re-did the floors and then got dressed to get to work in the nursery. I went to pick up Helen from school and drop her off at after-school and got to work! I was pleased to see T and Sal didn't just shove plants willy-nilly when they moved stuff under the irrigation for our "freeze". I got quite of a bit done and then R texted me saying she got the tie-dye kit in and we went to Michael's to get T-shirts for the girls. We've decided the girls are going to make a new troop t-shirts! They can make new troop T-shirts every year! I gave her the rest of our cookies for the Homestead Police Dept's cookie gift basket. She asked me "Are you really not going to the meeting then?" I was like yah, I don't need that drama and I honestly don't. 

I went to try and get back to work in the nursery but that wasn't going to happen. It started raining. Figures! I was annoyed all afternoon that I couldn't get through to T. While he doesn't take my calls no matter what - he also doesn't stay out of touch all day like that. If I call , and he doesn't catch the call or can't - he calls back. Turns out his phone never charged and I have the car charger (we need to fix that) so his phone just died. 

T came home and brought the mail and he brought me a surprise! My baptismal certificate!! Woohoo!! I was not clear that I was going to get it, I hadn't heard back from the church to find out if they'd even found it - but apparently, they did! Even better, noted on the back is my First Communion! How awesome is that?!?! I'm so tickled! I've been trying to lay hands on this since 2009! Of course, I spent most of that time looking in the wrong place, but I finally found it! As the saying going, it's always in the last place you look! lol Came in just in time for my actual confirmation! Weeee!! 

That means everything is set to go now! Yay! Rough start to today but the perfect ending!!

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