Sunday, February 15, 2015

Feburary 15, 2015

What a fabulous weekend I had!!

My Valentine's day got off to an interesting start. First thing in the AM, T's brother comes by so he and T can settle up what is owed for the work T had been doing. T's brother gets on him and starts in on that you should be in this and that position - knowing NOTHING about our financial status but yet dictating things to us. Ignoring the fact that him not paying in a timely way has consistently put us in the red over and over.  So in the end, T will no longer be working as a consultant through the nursery. 


I know, right? I know it's not the usual reaction to getting fired but that dynamic with his brother was out of control. T took on a project which was delayed by 2 months because anytime he was here working on it - his brother took that to mean he was available to work. So rather than inform him otherwise, T would just go to work at Redland. Meantime, he's not getting paid on the agreed upon schedule. So, it's not really JUST his brother's fault - but also T's for allowing this bullshit to continue and allowing it to get worse. His brother is an arrogant demanding person who always pushes for MORE. It's not even that his brother is trying to screw him over either - that arrogance means that he also won't accept help or reminders and gets ugly if you even try to be helpful. He knows this. It's been a problem for decades. Not that this will last. Something will come up, it always does. It's not the first time he's been fired in this way. This time though, there has to be a different approach to when he goes back to work at Redland.  It can't go back to the previous arrangement. He has to be either an employee or not. I've advised him to take that route - he can even spin it so it's not his brother's fault it has to be that way - whatever it takes to keep the peace and for life to go on. Less drama, more life.

After all that excitement, I loaded up and we did another cookie booth. That went okay. Then I did some shopping. I found a nice ring but I didn't want to wait in line for an hour to buy it. I defaulted to shoes. Woohooo! They make me taller than 6'4 and I'm only 5'8 in my bare feets. I bought something nice to go with the shoes and we picked up a candy and balloon bouquet for T Then we came home and worked on some Valentine crafts. We made our candy - we had a blast!! 

I sent Helen to Grandma's and got all purtied up and T and I enjoyed a nice romantic candle lite dinner at home. I have to say, I see lots of date nights at home in my immediate future! No annoying ppl at the next table with out of control kids, no annoying person talking loudly on their cell annoying anything! We watched a movie, who knew Divergent had so many romance scenes in it? Not I. lol 

Today I got up on time for church and confirmation class. I enjoyed mass and class. I'm a month or so away from finally being confirmed! Woohooo! I came home and ate and got ready for cookie booths!! It's the LAST DAY for cookie booths! The first booth slot was slow and we had more than 3 cases left, so I called T to play relief for me, I came home, changed clothes and booked the slot after the one we were working (2-4) and went back. That went GREAT!! I had T look at the system 15 minutes for the second booth slot was done and ohhh look! the 4-6 slot is open. So we booked that too. Figures that 15 minutes into our 3rd slot, after working for 4 hours, someone came along and cleaned out the whole booth! One person buys a bunch and then ppl start crowding around and then we were just about cleaned out. We had exactly 6 unsold boxes when I decided to pack it up an hour and a half early.  Yah, I bought the last six boxes to give away to friends.

Paperwork is just about done. all that is left to do is print it all out and input some final details - like which rewards some of the girls want. I think one of them wants cookie bucks instead of the prizes. I have no idea how many cookie bucks she would have earned and I just now figured out how to calculate how much each girl has earned. LOL I do have to print out each girls' sales figures - if for no other reason I have a list of how much each girl sold and have a reward list so I can pick their rewards! 

There's no school for the next two days and I have no idea what I'm going to do with Helen. I'm thinking a trip to the park is in order. I don't want to just sit here at home all day. Maybe Grandma can watch her while I hit the gym and workout a new routine with Mr B. We'll see. 

Lots of good things going on and I can't wait to wade right into them!! 

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