Saturday, February 21, 2015

February 21, 2015

It's been a busy busy week. I have been feeling worn down and knew I was coming down with something. 

The transition in our troop has not been going smooth. It's been very dramatic and tense. So I'm exiting the situation for the betterment of all. There's no reason to expose the girls to this if it can be easily avoided by me not being present. I may be in the right here but it's not about ME! 

No worries though, went to the leader's meeting,  I was able to get our check for the Thinking Day event back, have mine and Helen's names removed from the roster and we paid for the event in cash. I got one of my girls signed up for Baynanza, I'm totally bummed me and Helen couldn't afford to go to that was the ONE service unit event I really really wanted to do - but it was just too darned expensive. That was $40 a person and for two of us - it was just too much. Oh well, maybe next year! Either way, we got our cookie paperwork submitted, I've hopefully sorted out the issue with Helen's online cookie order patch. Regardless, if it's not fixed now, it will be. All the paperwork is in order and we're good to go and move on! 

Anyway, our next meeting we're going to have the girls make tie-dye t-shirts and put a custom iron on design for them to wear at their Cookie Season 2015 "Pool Party" celebration.  We were trying to get the girls in at the Homestead Police Dept's 5k glow run but that's now out - the girls are going to the station itself to deliver their cookies and donation. This will allow them to make a bigger deal of the girls, their donation and let them do fun things like tour the station and such. However, Girl Scouts does have the chance to have a table to recruit. I think Council should still do that at least! I know the girls who are NOT going would love to do it. 

I did finally come down sick on Friday. The whole day was a mess. I was sick, Tom was sick and neither of us were in a state to take Helen to school. We were able to take her to after school though. But Tom and I got in a HUGE argument. I pretty much have had enough of his non-communication recently. I know all he does is go to work and come home but he pretty much has not been talking to me at all. Not even to say "yah, I'm exhausted". I'm already feeling super insecure and that this complete shut down is going on now that I'm 10 sizes smaller has had a devastating effect on me. We've clearly got some work to do, I fully acknowledge that some of our issues are just me being insecure - but I'm also asking for specific things from him to help me work through that. Some of it is validation and reassurance and some of our issues are just regular marriage stuff. What happens when you're both working on "career" and pursuing your goals, raising a family and all that good stuff. 

I took out all my stress on house cleaning today. It did a lot for stress relief, it's been a long time since I've got batshit with the cleaning to ease stress and anxiety. No, I didn't go too far. I put my house in order, exerted some control over something and created order where I feel there has been chaos lately. I also whipped out a Food Network recipe and now my husband is home and I'm going to go eat it and enjoy his company while we sit and eat as a family. 

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