Saturday, July 11, 2015

I miss it

I miss running and hard core cardio. That maxed out heart pumping all out go get it cardio workout.

One of my secondary deciding factors in deciding to do Body Beast as my workout program was my knee not being strong enough to take impact like running. I knew I would have to modify to avoid real impact, but I was okay with that since this gave me the best chance to pump up some lost muscle mass in that leg. I considered it a fair trade.

I didn't think I would miss that kind of cardio but I do. The modifiers are not enough. I can't work the legs hard so I am just not getting that.  I thought about going ahead and don't cardio as extra since I don't want to do it to burn extra calories but just for the love of doing it

After consulting with my coaches,  it is a no go.  To get the results I want,  I would have to eat even more food, and I am barely eating enough now.  Add on that it can increase the risk of injury,  then it is a hell to the no. I am so over the injury gig,  not risking it!

Instead,  I will do 21 day fix cardio on cardio day and beast abs like I am supposed to and wait until this program is over. I am positive it will take more than one round of Beast to get rid of the belly fat I gained from my under eating but in the end,  it will take me where I want to be with my fitness.

I keep having these moments where I freak out about my weight. In the end,  it keeps coming back to trusting the process.  I can see bigger muscles,  other people can see it and have pointed it out unsolicited. I just remind myself,  I am gaining weight because I am supposed to be gaining weight. Some of the weight I lost after my injury was from a muscle mass loss and not fat loss. I have to remind myself that the belly fat is my consequence for not eating enough! Because when you are lifting weights and then putting in hours doing labor you have to eat alot of food!

This is my struggle right now! Trusting the process,  because I already know this is how you change your body composition to be more muscular. I have done it before when I was younger.  Now I am older and that process is even more refined than it was 20 years ago! I am getting better results in less time!

At least I am getting that lifter high even if I an not getting the runner high! I will take it and the running can wait.

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