Saturday, July 4, 2015

July 4th, 2015

Wow! I didn't realize how neglected this blog has been. I kind of can't feel sad about that though. Literally the day after my last post, I was making arrangements to head to Boston to pick up my second youngest to move her down here with me. Took a few weeks to get her settled in, had her and my nephew working in the nursery helping me out for a few months.  My weight loss was, well, not a loss! 

I was struggling mightily with under-eating again. Unhappy with my workouts. Once I finally realized that the problem was under-eating and I kind of floundered around a bit. How much is too much? Nutrisystem was a great way for me to lose all that weight, but it was not working for me after I lost it and was able to be more active. It just couldn't keep up! It's not designed for that. 

Ultimately, I ended up ordering Body Beast. It's a Beachbody exercise program, includes a meal plan for people like me who do physical work for a living! The actual workouts are a more intense version of what I was doing, so it satisfied those glaring needs I had! Of course, I didn't figure this out until after I'd gained 20 lbs back! Oh well! 

It's definitely been a struggle! I took part in a 10 day challenge and that's wrapping up now and I've walked away with some insights to exactly why it is that I tend to under-eat. Somewhere I have picked up the notion that I am fat and lazy. That's not entirely true. Being overweight does not mean I'm not entitled to eat! Just realizing where and when I picked up that mindset has been so freeing! I've already discovered that I tend to run away from my feelings by filling my life with too many activities. Trying to be the perfect housekeeper, the perfect GS leader, the perfect this and the perfect that. Of course, that always bites me in the ass because I get totally overwhelmed. 

You'd think that after realizing that last bit that I would not make the decision to take on more stuff but the decision to be a Beachbody Coach was a simple one because I am already doing all those things just because I can. I tell my story and share my struggle and imperfections with other people just as much for myself as it is for everyone else! Running challenge groups and the like is not as time consuming as it seems on the surface! I will admit that the initial stuff is a lot of info -but there are some amazing tools available to me now that make this more efficient and helps me better manage my time! I definitely need all the help I can get with time management! 

So here's to taking a bold step in a new direction! Which reminds me, time to go fix my pre/post-workout because today is Beasty Bulk Shoulders! Seeing the results already and I haven't even gotten to the cut phase!!

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