Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Pushing through

What good can belonging to an online group do? A whole lot. I belong to several I already comitted to doing bulk arms today. As tempting as it is to switch my rest day, it is too much work to back to every one and own that it didn't happen. Sure, no one would know, but *I* would know I skipped it. I am sucking down my pre-workout because I have talked myself into doing my workout. It is to much trouble to say I didn't,  I will never get the results I want if I don't get my workout in!  Gotta take care of muh guns!

In other news, I was bad and had pizza for dinner last night because I was just too tired to cook dinner. So, mental note, cook early! Include the cooking during my scheduled daily housework slot. So what if I have to reheat dinner! I have to cut myself a break because I am not a machine, I am a person who gets tired and it is OK to get tired that late in the day! Just accommodate that! Work with it! 

I need to take a few minutes today to grab some things for our meeting tonight. I want us to do some fun stuff! Service unit meeting this Thursday too. That at least is pretty simple and straightforward.

Hubby took that tire that keeps going flat on me off and put the donut on it. No highway driving for me but I am super okay with that! Think we are going to have to get a new tire anyway! At least I can not worry about coming out of anyplace to a flat tire!

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