Sunday, July 12, 2015


I had missed a few days of my thyroid meds.  I got everything sorted out and restarted today. Still feel like crap though.
Powered through my workout any way. Had to lower some of the weights.  That was fine. I did all the reps and finished it.

I feel less crappy for having done it. Not feeling great like I usually do but given how bad I felt before, I will happily take less crappy.  Soon as Tom gets paid again,  will be ordering myself some Shakeology. Seriously need at least one meal replacement a day and might add well pick the one designed to give me all the micro - nutrients I need to get the best results! I am in the second half of this workout program and this will carry me through the home stretch!

Two more weeks of bulk and then I start my cut phase. Alot less food, way fewer carbs and relief from the work of stuffing so many carbs in! I also think the shakeology will help there too!

This week will be the last week of Shara summer school and Helens birthday. So a big week all around! Fun times ahead!

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