Thursday, July 9, 2015


Sometimes a little rest is all you need to chase the blahs away.

Yesterday,  I was just so blah.  I never found my way to the gym,  never did abs or any beasty workouts.  I focused on resting my knee,  icing it frequently,  even a round on the tens unit while icing it.  Not that I say on my butt doing nothing.  I focused on some paper work that I NEEDED to get done, getting caught up on chores, taking care of ME.

Today is the complete opposite of yesterday! I decided to go ahead and double up on my workouts.  Hit the gym for some good cardio. Utilized my favorite  affirmation, "I am a badass!" to push myself through it, since any cardio workout that is really going to get your heart pumping close to your personal max had to include leg work.

Using positive affirmations to push myself through workouts seem to infect my whole day. Not just get me through the workout, I end up approaching the rest of the day with this gangbusters positive attitude!  A true take-away from my participation in the healthy living challenge! Any time I begin to doubt myself, get self critical,  or just all around being negative,  I just repeat the appropriate mantra!

The lesson of the day is even though I am a badass,  even badasses need a day off! I may try this again next week too. I am going to talk to *MY* coaches to talk that over. Leg day works that weak knee hard, I am the most sore two days later. My knee is handling it like it is back in rehab,  which is a good thing, because that means it is also getting stronger! However it needs the extra rest day to get some TLC from me and reduce the chance of re-injury!

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